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About Us

 Pu Jen Youth Care Foundation is composed by a group of people who are enthusiastic in social welfare; Strictly speaking, the service work has been performed silently over last 20 some years since 1982.  With Popularization and Compassion as our principle, we started with very limited resources yet fills with infinite compassion, zealous spirit to serve the needed.  The reward: Achieving self-realization and growth.

1982 Establish Chung Yuan University Youth Care Association (members: around 400)
1994 Establish Youth Care Association of Taiwan R.O.C. to promote social welfare activities. 
(Members: around 200) 
1999 Establish Youth Care Foundation preparation committee.
2000 Establish Pu Jen Youth Care Foundation, Charter Chairman Mr. JenTsai Wang, 
Start promoting “Yang Mu Youth development project”
2003 Mr. Shan Bin Liu was elected as Chairman by the board. 
2005 Promoting “responsible youth project”, realizing social care for youth development ideal.
2006 Mr. Michael Sheu was elected as chairman by the board

《The objective of our foundation》
The objective of our foundation is as follow.
Promoting social care for young people.
Creating social consciousness for young people .
Developing all kinds of social service projects to care for young people.
Promoting youngster complete person education.